About Us


I am a Homoeopathic Doctor by name Dr.Y.Jayarami Reddy practicing since 1990 and is always in the fore-front for social service and served many people by distributing Homeo medicines for free of cost for preventing all epidemics like Japanese encephalitis, jaundice, sun stroke, malaria etc. I am also involved in creating awareness of Homeopathic treatment among the public through print media and electronic media.


                       As you are all aware, Homeopathy a wonderful panacea for many diseases was introduced by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann 214 years ago, still it is gaining good results. Even in the 21st century among many systems of medicine, Homeopathy is gaining its value. In a country like India, where half of the people are living below poverty line, need a system of medicine which is cheaper and safer. In this context Homeo is the best medicine. Homeopathy has medicines for all kinds of diseases, depending upon the stage of the disease. This has preventive medicines for some epidemics and addictions.


                        In 1994, after prohibition of alcohol by the government of AndhraPradesh many people came out with withdrawal symptoms. At that time I have reacted positively and treated many cases. From 1995 onwards I have started enlightening the people about the treatment available in Homeopathy for de-addicting them from alcohol, smoking, tobacco chewing and Drug addictions. In the month of Feb 1995, an article written by me in Eenadu(news paper) about “How to neutralize the bad effects of alcohol and controlling the withdrawal symptoms”. By this article thousands of people are benefited.


                       Later along with Sri Satya Sai Seva Samity, Kurnool (Branch of  Sri Satya Sai Seva Samity, Puttaparthy) this medicine was distributed to more than 6000 addicted persons in and around Kurnool district since 1995. Lots of people given up the habbit of drinking alcohol and smoking after taking our medicine. I have distributed moiré than 4000 doses for the addicted people in Kurnool and its peripherals, which was sponsored by Kurnool M L A Sri T.G. Venkatesh. This Anti_smoke medicine was distributed for all addicted MLAs and Ministers in the STATE  LEGISLATIVE  ASSEMBLY through the Kurnool sitting MLA, also the present MLA Mr. T.G. Venkatesh garu on 26-03-2002.


                        I have prepared a formula after  administration &  studying all the drugs  this will work like

1. controls the withdrawal symptoms like tremors, hallucinations , lack of  coordination ,sleeplessness ,anger, irritation, anxiety, fear, headache, some thing lost , forgetfulness .

2. to de-toxification  ( exogenous , endogenous, auto genius, and chelation ).

3. cellular recovery and organic stimulation .

4. Subdue the craving for  alcohol, smoking, tobacco chewing and drugs , produces distaste and aversion to those substance.

5. support therapy .

6.helps to change the altered constitution or personality.


                       These therapy is vary safe and 100% free from all side effects and you can continue any type of medication along with this medicine if you are using for any existing disease. With this therapy we can change the  addictive personality by helping them to lead a healthy life.


                         I worked with Red cross society and various women organizations to give medical support to addicts to drop their addictions. This helped them to lead not only healthy life but also economically empowered . This people responded positively for the treatment and counseling and create awareness off ill effects of alcohol and tobacco among society.  


                         For my services Government of Andhra Pradesh has given best doctor award for two consecutive years i.e 2002 & 2003 on the occasion of Republic day by the District collector of the Kurnool. To expand my services to the society I have opened a clinic exclusively for addicts ,  DR. Y. J. R De-addiction centre at Hyderabad  in the year 2003 march.


                          Various articles written and camps conducted by me to create awareness among the public were widely covered by print & electronic media can be observe.